Land Transport Authority Signs Road Safety Sponsorship Deal With Motibhai Group of Companies

Photo caption: Mr. Naisa Tuinaceva, CEO Land Transport Authority; and Mr. Abraham Gomes Motibhai Group Marketing & Business Development Manager. — at Land Transport Authority Headquarters in Valelevu. Photo credit: Land Transport Authority.

The Land Transport Authority and Motibhai Group of Companies will work in partnership to keep Fiji roads safe and accident free.

The two parties yesterday signed a four month sponsorship agreement that will allow Motibhai Group of Companies to publish LTA road safety messages and photos every Sundays until the end of December in Kaila on the Sunday Times Edition. The initiative is being supported with Unilever brand Lifebuoy Anti-Bacterial Soap.

Mr. Naisa Tuinaceva Chief Executive Officer of the LTA said the entire organisation is fortunate to be associated with a household name in Fiji.

“Road safety is a shared responsibility; all road users should be involved, we are grateful that there are people who are with us in this fight. We thought at times we were fighting a losing battle, but when someone like Motibhai Group of Companies have taken the initiative and the first step to support LTA in keeping our road safe, we feel so fortunate.

“This will surely boost our road safety advocacy work, our voice will be heard loud and clear with the use of this medium, we are extremely excited to join hands with Motibhai Group of Companies and this will encourage other potential sponsors to boost our public outreach and awareness program on road safety.

“Fighting deaths on our Fiji Roads is not the role of LTA alone, we as individual road users need to act responsibly on the road. With the availability of this advocacy work, many communities will be impacted, their views, perceptions and mindset of road safety will surely change and that is the message LTA wants to sends out and this is surely possible with the help of such sponsorship which we are signing today.”

Motibhai Group of Companies Marketing and Business Development Manager Mr. Abraham Gomes said they have always wanted to support the LTA road safety concept and advocacy work, but were not familiar with who and how to approach it.

“When LTA proposed to us about sponsorship, we had some concept prepared already and we were looking for an opportunity to implement it, so after going through the LTA proposal we did not hesitate but grabbed the opportunity and we believe it’s for a worthy course.

“We are so happy to be associated with LTA, it’s a proud moment for the Group to partner with LTA in the fight to keep our road safe, this is the beginning of our engagement and we certainly would like to be around in the long term.”



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