Public servants in positions of leadership need to lead, inspire and deliver if they are to be recognised as capable and good leaders.


These were the comments of Public Service permanent secretary Parmesh Chand as he delivered the closing remarks on the occasion of the Leadership Training Course for Middle Management Officers at the PSC Centre for Training and Development in Nasese.


Mr Chand said public servants in middle management ranks are at strategic positions in terms of ensuring there is effective service delivery as well as in terms of succession planning.


He said the public service of today, tomorrow and the future is relying on middle managers as they are the ones who will ultimately be in positions of substantive leadership sooner or later.


“As such, the onus is on us to prepare them well so that we leave behind a pool of personnel with skills and expertise to step in more senior roles as and when these positions become vacant and get advertised,” Mr Chand said.


Mr Chand said it is expected of middle managers to start embracing the values of critical and strategic thinking as well as seeing things from picture points of view as these are what matters in terms of distinctions between operational level staff and those in positions of leadership.


He said this is one of the priority areas of capacity building adopted by the Public Service Commission in line with ongoing survey of skill needs in the public service.


The three-days training event was conducted on a outsourced basis by the Pacific Technical and Further Education (TAFE) and USP, which was attended by 32 public servants from middle management level.

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