Life Cinema brings smiles to people of Nadi



Holding a soft opening for the people of Nadi, the newly opened life cinema based in Martintar Nadi opened its doors for business on Friday, December 7, 2014.

“Anyone is welcome to come in, the foyer is set up so that anyone can come in and enjoy the space. It’s 20 to 50 metres long with big seats, this is here for the people of Nadi to enjoy,” said Life Cinema’s General Manager, Hamish McGuire.

The cinema has a total of four theatres and for frequent movie goers, the price range for a normal mainstream ticket is $8.00, 3D movies are also $8.00 with the added cost of $2.00 for the 3D glasses which the general public will be allowed to take home.

V.I.P seats, which are still partly under construction, costs $13.00 and will increase to $20.00 when the full section is completed while Dmax theatre prices costs $10.00.

“The kitchen and the bar area are behind time  and will come up  very soon,and we’re pretty much having sessions from  10am through till 9.30pm and then we will expand or move our sessions  accordingly going from our first figures and analysis that we will do.

“The response from the people of Nadi has been amazing I haven’t seen one person not take a photo.

“Our first movie was ‘Night at the museum 3’ and then they stagger through the rest of the day. The first session of PK was also screened on the day of this soft opening and it’s been a successful start.”

The welcoming atmosphere, new style of the cinema’s food emporium and comfortable seats provide an air of ease to avoid congestion within the foyer while waiting for movie screenings.






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