L-R: David Aidney (Williams and Gosling), Sailesh Narayan (International Freight Services), Pradip Singh (Cargo Manager Pacific Islands for Air New Zealand), Kazuo-San (Manager Japan & Korea for Air New Zealand), Fabian Verma (Carpenters Shipping),  Ram Rajend (Corporate Freight Services) and Kamal Reddy (Gibson Freight Fiji Ltd).

Air New Zealand Pacific Islands Cargo Manager Pradip Singh recently took five top Fijian freight agents to tour JAL cargo, who are Air New Zealand’s cargo handling agent in Japan.

Fiji Air New Zealand Cargo uses Auckland as a hub to airfreight cargo including fresh chilled fish, fresh produce, root crops, and other general cargo to New Zealand and the world. Japan is the second largest export destination for Fiji after the USA, and JAL sets a superior example of turnaround times for cargo.

Air New Zealand carries between 15 and 20 tons of fresh chilled tuna from Nadi to Japan via Auckland per week. On the day of tour, NZ099 arrived at 1635 and by the time the agents cleared Immigration and Customs and made their way to JAL Cargo, the cargo from this flight was already being released to customers. This is very fast – most GHAs would take three hours, but the cargo was released from this flight in under two.

As part of their visit, the group were taken to the Tsukigi Fish Markets and auction place, on a Tokyo-Panoramic tour and a dinner hosted by Air New Zealand. The successful tour ensured continued support for Air New Zealand from the Fijian agents, who have agreed to help grow our market share in future.


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