CAPTION: Lomaiviti school heads listening to the address by the Permanent Secretary for Education. Picture: SUPPLIED

The Ministry of Education permanent secretary Dr Brij Lal has called on teachers in the Lomaiviti Group to be more tuned into the needs of students.


Opening a workshop designed to boost the role of teachers in Lomaiviti, Dr Lal said that teachers play a vital role for students in the eastern group and all decisions made should always be in the interest of these students.


Speaking to participants which included principals and head teachers, Dr Lal highlighted that teachers will need to be versed with Government’s objectives as well as the objectives of the individual schools.


“To be an effective leader you need to be a self-discipline person. A self discipline person is one who is punctual to classes setting an example for other teachers to emulate,” remarked Dr. Lal.


“The aims and targets of the school should be clear to you as a leader and means towards achieving and fulfilling it. This will set the right platform that will steer your schools to greater heights,” added the Permanent Secretary.


“You need to be consistent and systematic in your approach and get your teachers in the right frame. Understand your teacher’s strengths and weaknesses then guide and coach them to produce and perform to your level of expectation that will bring forth the targeted outcome for the school,” urged Dr. Lal.


The workshop was conducted by the Ministry of Education’s Eastern Education office in its effort to train leaders in their schools to be thoroughly equipped in their capacity as administrators. The workshop was attended by 16 school leaders.


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