LTA urges general public to renew permits on time


The Land Transport Authority is reminding Public Service Vehicle (PSV) permit holders that it is their responsibility to ensure that they renew their permits 28 days prior to its expiry.

This condition is clearly stated in the LTA Act and Regulations and it is also noted at the back of a PSV Permit, and LTA also sends reminder notice a month prior to expiry, however many permit holders continue to ignore this. There have been instances where permit holders rush to LTA to renew their permit on the day it expires and they become frustrated when they are reminded about the renewal process.

Before a PSV permit can be renewed, a permit holder is required to meet certain requirements like police clearance, and that can take up to three weeks, therefore LTA requires 28 days to process the permit.

The delay in renewal also affects supply in PSV services as once the permit expires, the PSV vehicle cannot be used on the road. The permit holder is required to re-apply for the permit which again will take atleast a month to process.

All PSV permits, except for buses, are valid for three years; thereafter the permit holder must renew them. Buses are governed by the Road Route License (RRL) and permits are valid for 10 years.

The Land Transport (Public Service Vehicle Permits Regulation 3) Regulation 2000 clearly stipulates that:

6. An application to re-issue a permit must be made at least 28 days before the permit expires.

LTA issues a warning to PSV permit holders who fail to renew their permit as per the conditions outlined in the renewal of PSV permits. Habitual offenders will be asked to justify why their permits shouldn’t be revoked during LTA’s Show Cause Hearing.

LTA has the authority to revoke permits that have expired for more than three years.

Meanwhile LTA is reminding the general public that as per the RRL Guideline, it is compulsory that all complaints regarding buses services are submitted with evidence to LTA on a Statutory Declaration form which needs to be cited by a Justice of Peace (JP) first.




Land Transport Authority

Naisa Tuniaceva

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