Man half blind from a flying chip of metal

CAPTION:In severe pain, Mansoof Rahman and wife Shireen Bano. PHOTO: JOSEPHINE NAVULA.


A 37 year old man is currently in pain and is calling out to the public for assistance after severely damaging his left eye.

Mansoon Rahman was hammering a machine part when a chip of metal flew towards him and hit him on the left eye.

Originally from Seaqaqa in Vanua Levu and now residing in Korovuto, Nadi, Rahman currently now can’t see with his left eye.

“I have been facing financial constraints and I’m going through a severe pain in my left eye which is completely blind, as I cannot see sunlight and open my left eye at all,” he said.

Rahman also said that the piece of metal is still inside his eye, and the doctors are finding it hard to get it out.

According to his medical report, the Iris appears to be pushed forward by cortical matter on lateral aspect, looks normal elsewhere.

Rahman and wife Shireen Bano are currently looking for support as the eye cannot be treated in the country.

The  couple are looking at  getting the treatment done at Batra Hospital in New Delhi, India.

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