Man watches in horror as wind pushes his wife off a cliff

CAPTION: Laraine Goodwin, died after the wind pushed her off this cliff

A relaxing walk on a mountain top for one couple ended in tragedy.

A woman who slipped and fell to her death while walking with her husband at Beachy Head, has been named as Laraine Goodwin.

It is believed that strong winds could have brought the 49-year-old woman to lose her balance and fall from the cliff on Saturday afternoon.

Viewers called emergency services and comforted the woman’s husband.
Guards found her body at the foot of the cliff and she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police later took a car, believed to be her husband’s, which was stationed at a nearby cafe.

CAPTION: Laraine Goodwin, died after the wind pushed her off this cliff

Sussex Police yesterday said they were treating the death as a “tragic accident”.
The husband of Mrs. Goodwin was interviewed by police after the tragedy near Eastbourne, but he was not arrested.

The couple, from Sevenoaks in Kent, had been walking with their dog near the Belle Tout lighthouse.
Local residents said the cliff was dangerous and tourists often are too near the edge while having their pictures taken.

The climate at the site was described as very wet and stormy, with reduced visibility.
There are no restrictions on the edge of the cliff, people always are walking too close and posing for photographs, and a fence would spoil the view.
A spokesman for the Solent Coastguard, said he believed the woman slipped.

Gerry Silverstone, spokesman for the National Trust, said: “We have hundreds of thousands of visitors to our coast of England, Wales and Northern Ireland and indeed the incidence of this tragic event is fortunately a very rare incident. “So overall you can enjoy the view and it is very safe, but this is a very tragic circumstance.” he added.

SOURCE: Today breaking news

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