CAPTION: Dr.Lal with senior officials of the Ministry of Education and the executives of the Macuata and Bua Head Teachers Association.

The Ministry of Education, National Heritage, Culture and Arts permanent secretary Dr Brij Lal has issued a warning for all school leaders to send in bus fare forms for students.

“I will stop salaries of head teachers and principals from next week if they still fail to submit the bus fare forms. We have given school leaders ample time to fill and send in the forms but until now I still have a list of schools that fail to do this,” the permanent secretary said.

Speaking to the Macuata/Bua head teachers in their two days conference this morning, Dr Lal clearly outlined that school leaders should be prompt on this issue so that students do not suffer in the end.

“The Government is providing all the assistance needed to ensure our children attend classes every day and receive the quality education they need,” Dr Lal said.

The forms were sent to the schools at the beginning of the new school year and were expected to be received at the Ministry of Education headquarters on March 20. Due to the low number received on the due date, a grace period was extended to April 14, which was last Sunday.

“We are dealing with the welfare of our students and this should be first priority. The theme for this year is STEP UP and we want to see services in the education sector improve in all facets,” Dr Lal said.

Head teachers and principals who failed to make submissions on the deadline will have their salaries ceased until the forms from their schools are received at the MOE headquarters.


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