Media Statement on the Fiji Rugby Union Board

The Fiji National Sport Commission (FNSC), under the FNSC Decree of 2013 whose functions and powers are to: “regulate all matters relating to sports in Fiji to ensure that all sports and elected officials comply with their constitutions, regulations and guidelines”, has ruled that the Fiji Rugby Union Annual General Meeting held on Saturday 31st May 2014 was unconstitutional as there was no quorum.

The Fiji Rugby Union Constitution as adopted 31 January 2010 Clause 33 states:

Clause 33 Quorum: – “The quorum at a General Meeting of the Council Meeting shall be forty delegates of affiliated unions”.

The Secretariat of the Fiji Rugby Union Council has confirmed, in writing, that the information previously provided that there was a quorum was in error and there was not a quorum of forty delegates at the meeting.

Therefore any resolutions and decisions made at the meeting held 31 May 2014 would be deemed to be null and void.

The Board elected in the Annual General Meeting 27th April 2013 in Suva is deemed to be the legal and official Board of the Fiji Rugby Union.

The Board members that are holding office include:

Mr Filimone Waqabaca, Chair of the Board

Mr Daniel Whippy, Deputy Chair of the Board

Mr Mosese Taga

Dr Esther Williams

Mr Filimone Vatuvoka

Dr Berlin Kafoa

Mr Baljeet Singh

Mr Napolioni Batimala, Finance Director

Mr Carl Ngamoki-Cameron, Legal Director

The Board will call a General Meeting in the near future.

Mr Filimone Waqabaca, Chairman, Fiji Rugby Union Board

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