Caption: FDMF board members  from left Doctor Herd, Denise de Silva and Mark Brown pose for the camera. Photos: Salote Qalubau


After successfully treating and screening 1400 patients last year, members of the Fiji Dental and Medical Foundation are back in action with the mobile clinic at Namotu Island.

Team leader Doctor Gregory John Herd says that setting up the clinic was no easy task as experienced people were needed in the pushing through of this initiative. Key stakeholders of the initiative are Mark Brown, Denise Silva, Scott O’Connor and team leader Doctor Gregory John Herd.


Dave Urich (left) and Katrina Fleming(right) attend to a patient.

“We have treated approximately 400 patients and at this moment we have performed up to twelve hundred to fifteen hundred procedures,” says Doctor Herd.

According to Doctor Herd with the introduction of the medical sector of the clinic the most common cases that have been sighted amongst the villagers are high blood pressure, diabetes and skin diseases which have brought about the need for dermatologists, the dental sector however has sighted tooth decay and dental infections as commonly sighted cases.

“Since we are dentists we thought if we could give back to some of the locals here it would be a good thing to do and it has been a heartwarming experience as Fijian people are such lovely people, “says Doctor Gregory Moegling

The eight days medical and dental treatments for this year began on Thursday, February 6.

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