Metal theft concerns WAF

The Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) has lost close to $160,000.00 from the stolen manhole lids.

The Authority has identified a total of 235 stolen manhole lids throughout the region.

From the 235 stolen manhole lids, 205 have been identified in the Western Division while 30 have been identified in the Central Division.

WAF Chief Executive Officer Opetaia Ravai said there were other associated costs apart from the actual cost of stolen manhole lids.

“It is costing us to replace the manhole lids and clear the blockage that results from the open manholes,” he said.

Mr Ravai said there was also a multiplication of inconvenience not only to WAF but the general public as well.

“People are still continuing to steal despite, the Government’s awareness, the Decree that has been put in place and the enforcement that is being undertaken,” he said.

Mr Ravai said the Authority was now looking at plastic and concrete options to replace the cast iron lids.

“In trying to be proactive and to prevent this, we are looking at other options,” he said.


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