MIDA says PFF release is misleading and calls on spokes-person to declare interest

Caption: MIDA Director Matai Akauola. Photo: GOOGLE.

SUVA, Fiji 16 October 2013- The Media Industry Authority of Fiji (MIDA) says virtual media group Pacific Freedom Forum (PFF) has once again put out a misleading statement that is far from the truth.

In a press conference last week, MIDA chairman Ashwin Raj said that all media organisations or those intending to do business in Fiji must get registered.

PFF today said in a statement that it is ‘alarmed at the extension by Fiji’s media authority of restrictions on foreign media trainers, independent journalists and communications workers…’

Raj says the PFF statement is misleading and mischievous because registration and restriction are two different things.

“MIDA will not tolerate this type of bluff by organisations such as PFF that has probably been happening for some time now.

“This is the type of things that MIDA will deal with- journalists masquerading as correspondent for foreign entities and many other things and want to remain a journalist in Fiji.

“MIDA is taking this seriously and calling on the Fiji based PFF official or officials to declare their interests, whether they are journalists or advocates, whether they are media proprietors or non-governmental organisation officials (NGOs). They cannot have it all, said Raj.

MIDA will also be writing officially to the source of the release to declare his interest.

MIDA Director Matai Akauola says the authority’s plan for media and the people of Fiji will auger well for the democratic processes the country is going through.

“By calling for registration means we want to see the media landscape we have in our country today and the types of development that has to be put in place.

“We (MIDA) believe we have a roadmap for Fijian media that is inclusive, independent and sustainable for generations to come,” Akauola said.


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