The Hon. Minister for Youth and Sports Mr Laisenia Tuitubou met this week with the youth of Yaqeta and Vuaki villages in the Yasawa where he urged them to work hard.

The Minister is leading a delegation to parts of Yasawa to look at ways of developing youth led initiatives through his Ministry. During his visit to Yaqeta village, the Minister held talks with the youth and elders where he stressed the importance of using available resources for both employment opportunities and sustaining livelihoods.

“Most development in your villages were initiatives of the elders and I urge the youths to start making the commitment to bring about new and better ones,” the Minister said.

Caption: The Hon Minister for Youth Mr Laisenia Tuitubou poses with the youths of Yaqeta and Vuaki villages in Yaqeta yesterday.Photo:SUPPLIED.

“Youths are not leaders of tomorrow – they are leaders of today. You have to forget your past failures and need to move forward if you want to be successful in life”.

The Hon. Minister was told yesterday that most youth clubs are registered with the ministry but are not active and he has urged the youth clubs and the elders to work towards activating their clubs to guarantee assistance from Government.

The Ministry’s director William Naisara accompanied the Minister and stressed to the youths “that they need to ensure that their plans are integrated with the overall village development plans.”

“It is advisable that all activities, plans and reporting are submitted to and endorsed by the village council or the elders,” said Mr Naisara.

“This has worked with most successful youth clubs and the ministry recommends that your clubs become part of your villages’ development process,” said Mr Naisara to the youths of Yaqeta and Vuaki villages.

The senior officials are currently touring the Yasawa group visiting youth and sports clubs.



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