Caption: Minister for Education Heritage and Arts Dr Mahendra with his government delegation for the Northern Reform workshop in Labasa.Photo:SUPPLIED.

The Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts Hon. Dr Mahendra Reddy has called on teachers and heads of schools in the North to work closely together to ensure that Government’s vision of providing quality education is achieved.

Speaking today at the Northern Division Reforms Workshop held at the Labasa Civic Centre, Minister Reddy said it was important for stakeholders to understand the Ministry’s commitment to ensure that every Fijian child has access to quality education. “The primary objective of this forum is to allow you to get to know firsthand what we are doing and what you need to do to ensure that we deliver the final output and outcome”, the Minister said as he addressed stakeholders including teachers and head teachers.

He said that through education reforms, Fiji will have an educated society, a knowledge-based society and an ethical society.

He informed the heads of the various schools that they have also looked into the review of the education curriculum to ensure that students have access to updated and relevant learning studies.



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