A suitable site for the Land Transport Authority Office in Labasa in the Northern Division is being looked into by the Minister for Local Government, Housing, Environment and Infrastructure and Transport Hon. Parveen Kumar.

Minister Kumar who now holds the portfolio of Minister for Infrastructure and Transport was in Labasa over the weekend said that a new site would need to be looked into as the original plan to build the LTA office at its old site was not a suitable location.

“The former site is not closer to town and we want LTA services to be accessible to all members of the public,” Minister Kumar said.

Minister Kumar said at the moment they are looking at the Naiyaca site but would however confirm later hence works in the old site for a new office is on hold.

“We are looking into relocating the LTA office to Naiyaca but at the same time have not stopped looking at other areas closer to town as the current location of the LTA office is far from town,” Minister Kumar said.

“Until plans are submitted to us then we can work out the cost and the land area that we want and we do need an ample space for the office”.

Meanwhile, Minister Kumar has also given assurance that the Bulileka Bridge in Boca, Labasa can be accessed by this weekend.

“I did meet with members of the community in the area discussing about the bridge and I have requested them to have patience,” Minister Kumar said.

He said that the beams of the bridge needed to be replaced and this would be done soon.

“The cost of the beams cost is around $170,000 and this will be brought in from Viti Levu next week, the current beam is made of steel and the base of the bridge is good but we will replace all the beams with stronger ones as safety is also an important issue that we will look into,” Minister Kumar added.

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