Caption: Hon. Minister for Youth and Sports Laisenia Tuitubou .Photo:SUPPLIED.

The Minister for Youth and Sports Hon. Laisenia Tuitubou met this week with youth groups from the districts of Naitasiri and Serea in Naitasiri.

This is part of the Minister’s tour of the Central Division as he hopes to complete all youth group visitation by the end of the first quarter.

Speaking to representatives of 15 youth groups that gathered in the villages of Waikalou, Serea and Nakini, Naitasiri, Minister Tuitubou explained the purpose of the visits that were being conducted to youth clubs around the country.

“The main reason behind our visit is to hear the voice of the young people and to also address the issues they face and assist them in their needs as young people,” he said.

“We have seen that rural youths are hardly visited which is part of the reason we are here today to visit you and discuss what it is you really need,” Minister Tuitubou added.

Minister Tuitubou also emphasised Government’s desire to take its services closer to youth and communities across the country. He added that by taking senior officials to these tours, the Ministry is able to immediately respond to the challenges and recommendations presented by youth groups.

“The Ministry’s key decision makers are part of our delegation on our visits to remote rural youth groups and if there are any issues which are affecting your group and if the Ministry can assist you, we can do that here today, but if need be, we will note it down and go back and address the issue at hand,” he said.

Minister Tuitubou elaborated on some of the Ministry’s services, which were targeted at developing young people.

“The Ministry is also heavily involved in the assistance of income generating projects so it is therefore befitting that you brainstorm on ideas to start up such projects or businesses to generate income so you can contribute positively to your communities and villages,” he said.

“As youth, you need to think of what you can contribute to your village because you will replace your elders and will become leaders of your community.”

Minister Tuitubou challenged the youth of Naitasiri to give back to their village and to leave behind a legacy that they could be proud of.

“I have challenged all the youth groups that we have met to try to give something back to their village or community,” he said.

“When we enter a village, we see the work that had been done by the older generation and I challenge the young people to work together to give back to their village so that their efforts can pay dividends and also contribute to the development of their village.

Navatukia Youth Club president Venitati Vasu thanked the Ministry delegation for the meeting.

“We are very much thankful that the decision makers of the Ministry has come to us as they can witness firsthand the needs of our youth group and work towards our being assisted and developed,” Mr Vasu said.

The Minister was accompanied by the Hon. Assistant Minister for Youth and Sports Iliesa Delana, Permanent Secretary Mr Josefa Sania, the Ministry’s Director Mr William Naisara and senior Ministry officials from the central division.



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