Health officials serving in the Northern division have been urged to be more efficient in service delivery and to change their attitudes when dealing with patients and stakeholders.

This was relayed by the Minister for Health Doctor Neil Sharma (pictured above) as he continues his tour of various nursing stations and health centres in the northern division.

“We need to be customer focused and ensure that the provision of services to the public remains a priority and is provided on a timely basis”, the Minister said.

Dr Sharma highlighted that in the past he had received complaints of staff not being courteous towards patients which he stressed will no longer be tolerated.

“If we are punctual to work, we will be efficient in our service delivery and we will be able to deliver the outputs for the ministry and ensuring better health service is delivered to the people.”

A key output for the Ministry of Health for this year is the improvement of management and administrative functions to ensure that consistent services are provided to the public.


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