Minister for Education Hon. Dr Mahendra Reddy has reiterated the need for parents to ensure that their children are given the best education through the various initiatives and policies that have been introduced by Government.

Minister Reddy made the comments while opening a new Kindergarten block at the Nawai Primary School in Nadroga today.

He said never before has Fiji’s youths been given so much opportunity in the field of education which has seen free education in primary, secondary, tertiary and even early childhood education (ECE).

“There is so much opportunity that is available to our children, your children to ensure that their future is bright,” he said.

“But as parents encourage and empower them with love and support to see their education come to fruition when they become successful in life.”

Hon. Reddy said with the introduction of grants and fees for ECE, it gives another reason for parents to ensure that their children are in schools including kindergartens.

“Government has recognised the need for strengthening and improving early childhood education thus the reason to make it free as well and as for Nawai kindergarten, I hope that our mothers would not have to go to Nadi town to get ECE for their children,” Hon. Reddy added.

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