Caption: MRMDNDM Minister Inia Seruiratu hands a gift to MRMDNDM Former Permanent Secretary Filipe Alifereti.Photo:SUPPLIED.

The staff at the Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development and National Disaster Management hosted a farewell reception for their outgoing Permanent Secretary, Mr. Filipe Alifereti in Suva this week.

In his farewell address, the Honorable Minister for Rural and Maritime Development and National Disaster Management Inia Seruiratu commended the contribution by Mr Alifereti to the Ministry and to the nation.

He said, “Mr Alifereti has left a legacy of good leadership and exemplified the ideals of teamwork”.

“We are all different people with different backgrounds, but his able and capable leadership has brought all of us together to work towards the common goal of empowering rural communities”, the Minister said.

“I have seen a lot of progress in the Ministry and I know this is attributed to the spirit of teamwork that Mr. Alifereti has fostered”.

He added that Mr. Alifereti’s biggest contribution has been the nurturing of other great leaders.

He said, “Three Divisional Commissioners who had served under his leadership are now Members of Parliament”.

“Surely, it takes a great leader to mentor and produce other great leaders”.

Mr. Alifereti, who retired last December, thanked the staff for their hard work and support.

He said that serving rural communities and the whole nation during disasters was challenging but a privilege of honor. Mr. Alifereti is succeeded by Acting Permanent Secretary, Mr. Setareki Tale. Other senior government officials were also present at the farewell.



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