Ministry of Defence, National Security & Immigration has invited members of the public to tour the ministry’s offices to understand its functions as part of the Public Service Day next week.

Acting permanent secretary Osea Cawaru said the Public Service Day will be an opportunity for the Ministry to educate the public of the services provided through presentations and displays.

“Visitors will be given the chance to tour the offices of various divisions and understand the staff structure along with the nature of work of the ministry,” Mr Cawaru said.

“The ministry divisions will have displays of information material, presentations by staff and will be distributing flyers for awareness of the services.”

Mr Cawaru highlighted that management staff and personnel of the Defence Ministry will be open to constructive criticism and honest feedbacks from visitors.

“We will ensure from all the feedback that quick and effective responses to issues raised will improve the service delivery of the divisions,” Mr Cawaru said.

The activities for the day will be set up at various divisions of the Ministry which is located at the Government Buildings Headquarters in Suva, Immigration Department in Rodwell Road in Suva and the Government Shipping Services in Walu Bay.

Public Service Day will be commemorated by all Government ministries and departments on June 25, 2013.


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