The Ministry of Employment, Productivity & Industrial Relations will be sending more seasonal workers to Australia through the Seasonal Worker Program this month.

In addition to the 4 seasonal workers contracted in July by Plant Grow Pick Pty Ltd, 15 female and 15 male candidates have signed their contracts with this company, which is based in Queensland, Australia.

In preparation for the type of work they will be engaged in, the group completed their pre-departure orientation this week.

As the company looks at recruiting more workers, the Director, Mr Walter Fangatua said the outstanding performance of the 4 initial workers, has encouraged Plant Grow Pick to recruit additional seasonal workers from Fiji.

Mr Fangatua was in the country last month, discussing employment opportunities available with Plant Grow Pick.  He urged the Ministry to continue selecting workers who are hardworking, honest and able to follow instructions, so as to maintain Fiji’s good record.SEASONAL WORKER

The Minister for Employment, Productivity & Industrial Relations Hon Jioji Konrote said, following the success of the first 4 workers to Australia, Fiji can expect an increase in the demand for our seasonal workers in the near future.

Minister Konrote highlighted that the success of our workers indicates the robustness of Fiji’s selection criteria.  The stringent 2-tier criteria developed by the Ministry encompasses background checks, basic education, and fitness tests to mitigate risks associated with long hours and heavy work conditions.

“The Ministry is monitoring the progress of the seasonal work schemes, and will continue to prepare Fijians professionally to maintain the outstanding performance displayed by the first group. In our arrangements with the employers, we strive to ensure that workers’ health and safety is maintained and they return to Fiji safely,” he added.

Minister Konrote thanked the initial group, Iniasi Toganivalu, Isimeli Koroi, Kameli Cakau, and Vilivo Cakau, for their outstanding performance and good character which has opened wide the doors for other unemployed Fijians.

He reiterates the challenge now is for all other workers to continue the high standards set.


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