MWF Miss World Fiji Charlene Tafuna’i.

If Miss World were crowned today who would she be? According to the online Pageantology poll ‘People’s Choice’, Miss World Fiji, Charlene Tafuna’i would win “hands down.”

The popular Nadi native has won the poll for four straight weeks topping one hundred other Miss World contestants.

Pageantology is one of the largest beauty pageant websites in the world with more than 4 million viewers.

Ms. Tafuna’i said she was humbled by the poll results.

“I know that it is just the beginning of the journey to Miss World but I am working hard to earn the title.  Being Miss World Fiji is a great honour and I want to make the country proud,” she said.

Following Ms. Tafuna’i in the polls is second place finisher Miss World Guyana with Miss World Cameron in third.

Miss World event will take place in London on December 14.


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