Missing persons case progress report


20 year old Ashwini Rohmita Kumar has been found safe after she personally visited the Natabua Community Post and informed officers that she has been staying with a friend in Lautoka.

Etasa Vakasoko

Etasa Vakasoko

Ashwini was reported missing from her Visama home on the 12th of this month by her family after she was found missing from home.

Meanwhile 21 year old Etasa Vakasoko who was missing since December 17 2014 has been located at Nailega village, Wainibuka.

Once again we appreciate the support shown by the media as information received from members of the public has resulted in locating Etasa.

On that note we are once again requesting everryone to be mindful of the need to communicate their whereabouts with family and relatives as it can cause unnecessary worry and stress.

Majority of our missing persons cases are found either staying with a relative or friends. This also commits a lot of police resources which at times is limited at some locations.

We request everyone’s cooperation regarding cases of missing persons.





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