Caption: (L-R)Ocean Soaps Limited General Manager Chetan Punja with Australian Investors.Photo:SUPPLIED.

Ministry of Agriculture extension officers this week met with potential investors to discuss the Virgin Coconut Oil [VCO] market and to identify more potential coconut plantations that can be used for VCO production.

The Ministry’s principal agriculture officer [Eastern] Epeli Dugucagi said the purpose of the meeting was to discuss the demand of the overseas markets and how the investors could assist our local farmers in having their farms organically certified.

Mr Dugucagi said expressions of interest have been received from Australia and the United States of America [USA] for organic VCO. He added they are at the possibility of linking the islands of Rotuma and Cicia to these investors to develop their market value chain.

He said farmers should approach the Ministry for advice on how to access assistance from Government.

“We better start with the replanting program now to avoid any disappointment in the future with the increasing demand. There are a lot of interest also in Drumstick, Tavola, Vutu and other local seasonal nut for oil extraction.”

Ocean Soaps Limited general manager Chetan Punja said they look forward to working closely with the Ministry in order to move the industry forward.

“Our aim is to create a network for all the organic supplies and with that we want to take it to other markets such as Australia and many others. We are keen to add value to the Agriculture produce and also to take it offshore for export purposes.”



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