Mr Moroivalu at Sawaieke village in Gau. Photo:SUPPLIED.


Integrated approach has been a tool used by the Commissioner Eastern Division, Mr Luke Moroivalu in reaching out to rural and remote communities especially those in the rural and maritime areas.

Mr Moroivalu made this statement while recently touring islands in the Lomaiviti group.

He said that the visit was an opportunity for his staff to inform the people on the intentions of Government and also to familiarise himself on the area of operation in Lomaiviti.

“This is a chance for me to meet the people and know the challenges and development needs of the people,” Mr Moroivalu said.

“People living in rural and remote communities especially in the rural maritime tend to be forgotten in terms of information, services and development.”

In Gau, the construction of the Qarani jetty is progressing well. Mr Moroivalu said that the Qarani jetty sets the platform for other development and services to reach the islands. It opens doors for supermarkets, tourism development and also construction of roads around the island and many more.

Accompanied by the heads of department in the Division, Mr Moroivalu’s entourage has visited Gau and will be visiting Batiki and Nairai before returning to Suva on Friday.

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