Cabinet Ministers in deep discussion during the MPs Induction Programme.

Members of Parliament must reach beyond the party divide to ensure that they work together for the benefit of all Fijians.

During the MP Induction Programme organised by the United Nations Development Programme and the Parliament Secretariat, UNDP resident representative Ms Osnat Lubrani said Parliament will be a central institution where people will expect their voices to be heard.

“There is hope that Parliament will be a place for robust but respectful debate and discussion, a Parliament where differing views can be voiced but also where consensus can be found.”

“Being an MP is an enormous privilege and a great responsibility,” Ms Lubrani reminded the elected MPs gathered in Suva Tuesday morning.

Secretary General to Parliament, Mrs Viniana Namosimalua told the elected MPs that the secretariat will provide them with all the right support to help them fulfil their role to move the country forward.

She said the induction programme was to guide the new members on what life as an MP will be like.

“It is a calling that demands nothing short of being open, transparent and accountable to everyone,” Mrs Namosimalua.

Three experts, who have worked in Australian and Canadian Parliamentary system, spoke to the elected MP’s on their rights and responsibilities, privileges, on the role of Government and Opposition.

The Standing Orders which will guide the conduct of MPs was also extensively discussed.

The half day programme ended with a tour of the Parliament complex.


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