Mumbai Walks on International world peace day with the message of Human values

Caption: Minister of state for housing Sachin Ahir Dr. Huzaifa khorakiwala Aankit Narayan With Reshma D’souza At Peace Walk


International world peace day witness a peace walk in Mumbai which is organized by dr. Huzaifa Khorakiwala – trustee & CEO, Wockhardt foundation along with the World Peace Keepers Movement in association with United Nations and Rotaract Club.

The peace walk started at Worli Sea-face near Aarey Dairy and ends after 1 km walk along the sea face with letting off balloons which have the 7 human values / custom peace messages on them.

Where thousands of people shown their enthusiasm and participate in peace walk with the message of peace with oneself, peace with people and peace with nations which also included short plays and skits by college student  encapsulating the 7 human values as a core message for the movement.

Dr. Huzaifa khorakiwala said, “Our mission is to build the world’s largest army – The World Peace Army. We are focusing on Peace Education and promoting the 7 human values of Gratitude, Forgiveness, Love, Humility, Giving, Patience and Truth – the path to inner peace.”

Mumbai’s peace agenda is fostering the feeling of togetherness among mumbaikar’s putting aside all discrimination and bringing in harmony between man and nature. Minister of state for housing Sachin Ahir said, “Peace walk is a symbolic representation of peace.

By creating the International Day of Peace, the Mumbai devoted a specific day and collaborative focus on worldwide peace and encouraged all of humanity to work in cooperation for this goal.”

Director of Wockhardt foundation Rubeen Malkani said, “Our goal is to achieve a great change in attitude among citizens. Establish a better bonding between human beings, reducing the crime rate, violence against weak and also showing people a joy of sharing wealth with the needy.”

Director of Wockhardt foundation Mohammed Ali Saleem said, “Peace Day should be devoted to commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace both within and among all nations and people.”  Overall the peace walk on international peace day was a huge success.

Actor Aankit Narayan, Reshma D’souza and Satish Reddy were also part of the peace walk.


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