Nadera takes on Red Faith



THE Ako Masarau led Nadera Coastliners are looking forward to their first ever challenge match in their first season of serious volleyball at the Digicel Suva Volleyball league this weekend.
The new comers who hail from the Moala squatter settlement on the Nadera sea-side know full well what is required to be in the top running after having experienced their first three Saturday’s in the Digicel League to date.
The Moala settlement, which has been tagged as a crime prone area by the Police is on a roll now to involve their youths in something worthwhile and constructive.
“Rugby is too hard for us because of the finances involved,’’ said Masarau, 27.
“Volleyball is more within our means and we also have the talent to develop and we are happy that Suva has accepted us to experience for the first time what serious volleyball is.”
“We are very much looking forward to the challenge against the Premier champions Red Faith this week, and feel we have much to learn.
The Coastliners, who have come in under the advice and guidance of Fiji Volleyball referee Sam Moses are made up of mostly unemployed youths and students from the age of 15-30.
This week, the club was visited by the Digicel Suva Volleyball Referees Association president Ratu Iliesa Raketekete who conducted a 2 hour clinic on the rules of the game.
The SVA has mooted these visitations to help all teams or clubs understand the sport better.
Masarau said the clinic was an eye opener because it helped clear out what was usually the norm in their backyard volleyball games.
In the Super-Premier division this week, the Makoi based Drifters team will be testing the consistency of Marist for the Super Premier challenge title.

Games will be held at the FMF National Gymnasium at 8am this Saturday 22nd November 2014.
Draws Round 2 Week 1:
Court 1
Marist – Tamavua Bulls 1, Cakau – Saints, Drifters – Mighty Heights, Coastline Nadera – Tamavua Bulls 2, Toba 1 – Jammers, (PREMIER CHALLENGE) Red Faith 1 – Coastline Nadera, (SUPER PREMIER CHALLENGE)Marist-Drifters, Toba 2 – Innercircle, Drifters – Cakau, Lions – Jammers, Marist – Jittu, Red Faith 1 – Tamavua Bulls 2, Drifters – Celtics 1, Red Faith 2 – Tamavua Bulls 2, Mights Heights – Sharks, Cakau – Jittu, Qauia – Toba 2, Mighty Heights – Celtics 1, Marist – Saints, Highway – Tamavua Bulls 2, Coastline Nadera – Toba 2
Court 2
Red Faith 1 – Pegasus, Tamavua Bulls 1 – Lions, Highway – Celtics 2, Red Faith 1 – Toba 2, Pegasus – Highway, Qauia – Red Faith 2, Jammers – Sharks, Marist – Lions, Red Faith 1 – Celtics 2, Toba 1 – Cakau, Saints – Jammers,
Lions – Sharks, Saints – Celtics 1, Pegasus – Innercircle, Celtics 1 – Jittu, Saints – Mighty Heights, Pegasus – Toba 2, Tamavua Bulls 1 – Cakau, Celtics 2 – Qauia
Court 3
Toba 1 – Drifters, Pegasus – Qauia, Marist – Sharks, Celtics 1 – Jittu, Tamavua Bulls 1 – Sharks, Celtics 2 – Innercircle, Tamavua Bulls 1 – Saints, Qauia – Coastline Nadera, Mighty Heights – Jammers, Celtics 2 – Red Faith 2, Tamavua Bulls 2 – Innercircle, Toba 1 – Jittu, Lions – Celtics 1, Highway – Coastline Nadera, Toba 1 – Might Heights, Drifters – Jittu, Highway – Red Faith 2, Tamavua Bulls 1 – Drifters, Toba 1 – Celtics 1, Drifters – Jammers , Red Faith 2 – Innercircle

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