Nadi back in league lead

CAPTION: Nadi’s Viliame Toma in control during the match against Savusavu earlier today. Photo: MARGARET NAQIRI.


The green machines are back as leaders of the Fiji Sun /GP Batteries National League ladder.

The Jack’s Nadi side bounced back after two consecutive losses to beat Savusavu by four goals to one at Prince Charles Park this afternoon, earning 22 points, a point ahead of Ba which was leading the series before this match.

Lanky Rusiate Matererega opened the floodgates for the Jacks Nadi side from close range after Savusavu stopper tapped the ball towards Rusiate’s path.

Napolioni Qasevakatini chipped the ball over the goal keeper for the second goal to give Jack’s Nadi two nil lead.

Savusavu came back firing in the second half and attacked the Nadi defence time and again. BeniaminioMataniqara miss timed his jump to catch the ball and Akuila Bulewa headed the ball into an empty goal mouth.

Qasevakatini again restored a two goal difference after being set up by Villiame Toma.

Jack’s Nadi continued to apply pressure and Villiame Toma captalized to give Jack’s Nadi a well-deserved win.

“We missed a lot of chances but could not score,” Nadi FA vice-president Javed Ahmed said.

“We need to improve on our finishing in order to win again tomorrow against Labasa,” he added.

The chairman of the league series, Sheikh Ibrahim said Nadi will face the real test when the side meets northern giants Labasa tomorrow.

In the previous encounter of the day, Labasa defeated minnows Tavua four goals to one.

MaisakeDraunibaka scored a hat trick.

Draunibaka scored his first from a defensive blunder  and his second goal was a set play from the Labasa forwards.

He scored his third goal from close range when he was left unmarked in the 18-yard –box.

Substitute Apisai Sasewa also put his name on the score sheet to give Labasa a four goal advantage.

Johnny Rao scored from a penalty kick to earn Tavua a consolation goal into the injury time.

In the next round of matches Jack’s Nadi takes on Labasa and Savusavu meets Labasa at Prince Charles Park, on Sunday, April 21.

Meanwhile Fiji’s Ba have beaten Vanuatu’s Amicale 2-1 in Port Vila, Vanuatu, on round five of the 2013 OFC Champions League.

See below the play-by-play action.

The starting line-ups are as follow:

Amicale: 1. Chikau MANSALE [GK], 2. Samuel KALOROS, 6. Samuela KAUTOGA, 11. Fenedy MASAUVAKALO, 15. Alphonse BONGNAIM, 16. Daniel NATOU, 17. Nelson Sale KILIFA, 18. Jack WETNEY, 19. Souleymane SARR, 26. Joses NAWO, 29. Dominique FRED
Substitutes: 20. Michael RUTHERFORD [GK], 3. Chanel OBED, 5. Laitia TUILAU, 7. Jean-Robert YALOU, 13. Pape GUEYE, 22. Paul NGOM, 28. Aliou TRAORE
Coach: Richard IWAI [VAN]

Ba: 1. Ratu JONE [GK], 2. Avinesh SUWAMY, 4. Jacob MORRISON, 5. Ronil KUMAR, 6. Jone VESIKULA, 10. Mavileko NAKAMA, 13. Kini VILIAME, 17. Malakai KANAHEWE, 18. Laisenia RAURA, 21. Marika MADIGI, 26. Scott GANNON
Substitutes: 22. Epeli CODRO [GK], 3. Meli CODRO, 8. Aisea CODRO, 9. Abbu ZAHID, 19. Varun KUMAR
Coach: Yogendra DUTT [FIJ]

Referee: Mirko BENISCHKE [NZL]
Assistant referee 1: Michael JOSEPH [VAN]
Assistant referee 2: Alick LUKAI [VAN]
4th official: Robinson BANGA [VAN]

The match kicks off.

1′ Amicale kicks off and Dominique Fred got the first shot on Ba’s goalkeeper Ratu Jone went wide

3′ Ba’s striker Scott Gannon gets his first shot on goal but it saves by goalkeeper Chikau Mansale.

4′ Joses Nawo receives a great pass from Fenedy Masauvakalo and shoots but it saves by Ba’s keeper Jone Ralulu.

7′ Free kick to Amicale now after Ba defender makes a foul on jack Wetney, 30 meters away from Ba FC goal mouth. But Ba defenders clear the ball out to safety.

9′ Mavileka takes a shot just inside Amicale’s penaty box but Chikau Mansale makes a good save.

12′ Jack Wetney with his magic plays won a free kick just 25 meters away from Ba goal mouth. Free kick clear away by Ba defenders.

15′ YELLOW CARD Kini Viliame is cautioned for Ba.

17’Kini Viliame of Ba picks up an aerial pass and turns for goal but his shot is not taken well and the ball goes out.

19′ GOAL!!! Amicale 1-0 Ba Fenedy Masauvakalo scores from a 25 meters free kick and over 8000 fans go wild at the Port Vila Stadium

25′ YELLOW CARD Mavileko Nakama is cautioned for Ba.

27′ Rain stop at Port Vila Stadium as Amicale putting alot of pressure on Ba FC.

29′ Free kick to Ba just few meters away from Amicale’s penalty box but Mavileko Nakama puts the free kick out for a Amicale goal kick

30′ Ba striker Kini Viliame tries his luck again but ball goes over the crossbar

32′ Dominique Fred takes another shot which is saved by Ba goalkeeper Jone Ralulu.

33′ Joses Nawo again is closed to score but his shot is off target.

34′ Daniel Natou runs fast with the ball on the left side near Ba’s goal
mouth but his shot goes wide for a Ba’s goal kick.

36′ YELLOW CARD Avinesh Suwany is cautioned for Ba.

38′ Ba striker Kini Viliame is looking dangerous up front but the defender Alphonse Bongnaim clears the ball out to safety.

40′ Ba puts pressure high now against Amicale.

42′ Samuel Kaloros wins a free kick and takes the shot but the ball over the crossbar.

45′ One minutes addiotional time will be played.

The referee whistles the end of the first half.

The second half kicks off.

47′ Ba win a corner kick but Scott Gannon hits it off target.

49′ Jack Wetney’s pass finds Alhonse Bongnaim but his shot goes straight in Jone Ralulu’s arms.

50′ YELLOW CARD Jack Wetney is cautioned for Amicale.

53′ Free kick to Ba inside Amicale’s half after Alphonse Bongnaim fouls on Marika Madigi but his shot is off target.

55′ Jack Wetney passes a good ball to Joses Nawo but his shot is off target.

58′ PENALTY The referee whistles a penalty for Ba after goalkeeper Chikau Mansale makes foul on Kini Viliame in the penalty box.

60′ GOAL!!! Amicale 1-1 Ba Avinesh Suwamy converts the penalty.

61′ SUBSTITUTION Marika Madigi is replaced by Meil Codro for Ba.

65′ PENALTY The referee whistles another penalty for Ba.

66′ YELLOW CARD Nelson Sale is cautioned for Amicale.

67′ GOAL!!! Amicale 1-2 Ba Josefata Neilbuli converts the penalty for Ba.

68′ YELLOW CARD Laisenia Naioko is cautioned for Ba.

75′ Fenedy Masauvakalo had another good chances to score but his shot misses the target.

76′ SUBSTITUTION Daniel Natou is replaced by Jean Robert Yelou for Amicale.

84′ YELLOW CARD Samuela Koutonga is cautioned for Amicale.

87′ Amicale try to play high but Ba defenders always clear the ball out to safety as the clock thick to the end of the match.

90′ Five minutes additional time will be played.

90+1′ Paul Ngom heads off the target a very good pass from Jean Robert Yelou.

90+3′ Fenedy Masauvakalo’s free kick is pushed away by Ba’s goalkeeper for a Amicale corner kick.

90+4′ Alhonse Bongnaim’s corner kick is off target.

The referee whistles the end of the game.

Source: OFC Media


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