Nadi residents go into panic mode with rise in river level yesterday

CAPTION: The Nadi river and surrounding areas in an aerial view. 


People of Nadi went into panic mode late yesterday afternoon, following the rise of the water level in the notorious Nadi River.

Integrated Water Resources Management Nadi Demonstration Project Officer, Vinesh Kumar said it was the because of the heavy rain from upper catchment area.

“The cause of rise in water level in the Nadi River based on our observatory equipment was because of heavy down pour in the upper catchment- though there was not much rain in the lower catchment,” he said,” he said.

Kumar also provided two graphs showing the amount of rainfall in the upper at Natawa and Tubenasolo.

“There are no merits on the rumour that the Vaturu dam has opened its flood gates; because there is none at the dam. Only structure to take out excessive water is the spillway on the side of the dam. This is not manually operated- it operates similar to the overflow holes on your water tanks, ones the dam is at its full capacity, water spills through the spillway,” he said.

Special Administrator for Sigatoka/ Nadi, Aisea Tuidraki said it was another flooding scenario that it is due to heavy rainfall in the mountain although it maybe sunshine or nil rainfall in Nadi Town.

“It does happen and has been experienced in Nadi in the past. Good experience to understand the environment we live in. But this trough is active and still around the group,” he said.

In today’s forecast, the West including the Mamanuca’s and the Southern Yasawa Islands will experience cloudy and humid periods. Few showers and an afternoon thunderstorm.

Meanwhile Nadi Chamber of Commerce & Industry president Dr Ram Raju wishes to advise members of the public that there is no KEY in the Vaturu Dam as speculated.

He said there is a spillway which allows excess water to spill into the Nadi river system and no one is opening any key causing sudden flash floods.

At this stage he said there is no need to panic as he has checked with the authorities concerned and will be updating members should the situation change.


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