Nadi to expect ‘something different’ in Festival of Lights

Caption: The National Diwali Festival of Lights events director Vineel Nand having discussions with Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama while NCCI president Dr. Raju and Marketing Manager Samuel Shankar looks on. Photo: SUPPLIED.


The Nadi Festival of Lights Committee in Association with, Nadi Town Council, Tourism Fiji has en-marked 2014 as the year of “Something Different”.

National Diwali Festival of Lights events director Vineel Nand told The Jet they are anticipating a huge turnout as they had been receiving for the past four years with varieties of entertaining shows every night.

“If you are looking for a truly unique cultural experience, then Fiji is the place to be this October and November,” he said.

He said the celebration would be held at Koroivolu Park, Nadi from October 16-18.

“A highlight of the Festival will be the ornate light and candle decorations that look spectacular at nightfall, beautiful Indian sweets and snacks and homes that are opened to family and friends for a time of rejoicing in inner light.

“Visitors to Fiji will be in for a real treat with highlights of the Festival including agricultural shows, entertainment, shopping and amusement rides, the entertainment will be provided by, Fiji’s Dancing Superstar, Masti Arts, Glitz & Glamour, Good Boys Ochestra, Western Music Association, Vou Dance Group, Oceania Dance Group and many others.”

He also mentioned the festival intends to create an environment where tourists, families and friends will get a chance to shop, socialize, and enjoy to the fullest as the entire event will be promoted in an aspect whereby all cultures and ethnic groups will actively participate as artists in daily entertainment programmes.

“This will help attract audiences from various ethnic groups and cultures; thus bringing members of the community together.”

The event was officially launched by the Prime Minister of Fiji Hon. Frank Bainimarama on 30th July at Nadi Civic Centre.

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