The Ministry of Education has given the approval for the establishment of a kindergarten and an infant school in Nasolo, Bua.

The approval follows a request by national rugby player Seru Rabeni and the Sunshine House International Pre Schools from Hong Kong to construct a school in Nasolo.

The Minister for Education, Hon. Dr Mahendra Reddy in granting the approval said that his Ministry was grateful to Mr Rabeni and the Sunshine House International Pre Schools for their kind gesture.

“This is in line with the government vision of building a knowledge based society and extending educational services to rural and remote areas,” Minister Reddy said.

“This will ensure that students spend quality time with their parents. Being a boarder at an early age is a daunting task for this young children and this opportunity will strengthen the bond between the children and their parents at this very critical development stage.”

Sunshine House International Pre-school is a group of English speaking international schools, established for over 25 years; it aims to provide a holistic approach to children’s learning and development. The school curriculum follows the United Kingdom’s Early Years Foundation.

The Sunshine House Group School Director, Mr. Joshua Cole said that this project will assist in building a wonderful and nurturing school environment to meet every specific community, the families and children of the village of Nasolo.

The Ministry of Education will provide the teachers and curriculum to the school while the Sunshine House International will provide the complete infrastructure. Currently, the students of Nasolo are using the school hall for kindergarten and the closest school is over one hour away by foot.

Press Release

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