Caption: Fulton Hogan Hiways crew at work at Lakena Road. Photo: SUPPLIED.

August 25, 2015. The completed maintenance work on Lakena Road in Nausori has brought relief to the more than 1,000 residents as well as the employees of Crest chicken feed warehouse that is located there.

The Fulton Hogan Hiways crew graded and re-sheeted the 932-meter road, as well as raised its surface by 500mm. It needed substantial work, the result of neglect over the past six years,” according to Iliesa Tuikenatabua, Fulton Hogan Hiways’ Rural East Supervisor.

“This is the only access to the Crest warehouse and the Lakena settlement, a highly populated area located towards the end of the road,”

“The road had numerous potholes and the conditions were dangerous for drivers especially in bad weather. It is now much improved,” he added.

Maintaining the road network is a major part of the Fulton Hogan Hiways responsibilities under the Central/Eastern area maintenance contract they hold with the Fiji Roads Authority.



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