Nawaka 7s ready to kick start

Nawaka Rugby Club is again has the support of Fiji Bitter for 2013 with a $20,000.00 sponsorship

We are thankful to Joe Rodan and his team to their continued support.

Co sponsors FBC TV and Bula FM are co sponsors to the tournament and they use their bigger and better network to bring out a big coverage all around Fiji.

Morica Hunter and the Bati ni Tanoa crew will help host the tournament this year like last year where we also ended with a park jam. Something similar is planned for this year on the 1st and 2nd of March.

Fiji Bitter always believes in helping grassroots rugby. That is why the Fiji Bitter Marist and Nawaka 7s are the only tournaments that recognises this vision and have been organisers to some massive 7s tournaments in the world in the yester years . At one time Marist went up to 120 teams participating in a 2 day event and Nawaka hosted 104 teams once. The traditional belief in 7s lies in these two tournaments and the reason is that we need to recognise the untapped talent that is still out there.

Sadly, most of the 7 organisers in Fiji have moved away from these big traditional 7s tournaments that Fiji is renowned for. They started hosting international tournaments “and we do invitations to overseas teams to come study our modus operandi and when we are in the IRB world stage they beat us. We only play hosts to 8 or 16 local teams to play these overseas teams at a big loss to us even though we win these tournaments with ease. Where are the rest of the 104 clubs that can participate. The answer is that they cannot play because they do not qualify and realistically it slowly kills the sport.

We need to go back to inviting all village rugby clubs and not restrict to the elite 8 clubs in Fiji who have proven themselves already.

We also need sponsors like Fiji Bitter with grass root rugby at heart to come and help Fiji 7s rugby. We still world beaters and we invite everyone to come and witness the 2 days Fiji Bitter Nawaka 7s on the 1st and 2nd of March and watch the new Rupeni Caucau’s  put on a rugby boot for the first time when they play for their village club.

-Press Release

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