New insight for senior citizens and pensioners

The Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation shared innovative skills transferring ideas with retired professional volunteers at the Fiji Pensioners Association AGM last Saturday in Suva.

Addressing the pensioners, Foundation Executive, Ambalika Devi, stated that the latest developments in mobile and communications technology provides the perfect opportunity for the experienced retirees to share the vast wealth of knowledge they have with the current generation of children and youths. “There is a dire need for the senior citizens of Fiji to transfer knowledge and life skills to the younger generation, so that the younger generation can actually get a real life insight to what it takes to live healthier and happy life,” said Ambalika.
Ambalika expressed ideas on how younger generations can improve wellness and happiness during their lifetimes by taking advice from senior citizens. We will initiate a research project with our NGO partners with a focus on aged care that will examine seniors’ thoughts on growing older and how they dealt with life with the intent of passing along the wisdom to younger people. The proposed survey will investigate how they lived through situations involving marriage, parenting, aging, happiness, career and the loss of loved ones. It will also try to capture real life video stories on how to deal with loss of family members and friends, managing ill-health, getting over depression, sharing health tips and more.
Ambalika spoke about the importance of social interaction and being healthy not only to live longer, but to avoid chronic illnesses like diabetes, stroke, and heart disease, that can affect quality of life and physical independence. A supplementary survey will also look to examine how young people respond to advice and wisdom from older people and how technology will best be used to disseminate the information gathered. Ambalika also spoke about how the Foundations NGO partners can help the members of the organization achieve better personal health through proper nutrition, regular exercise and creating a stress free retirement.
Association President, Mr Hari Raj Naicker, welcomed the initiatives of the Foundation and said that the proposed program would certainly add a spice to the lives of the retirees.  “The Jeevan, the newsletter of Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation illustrates the different programs of the Foundation, like mKidney, mCancer, mHealth, mWomen etc and members can access these services by dialing *979# and @727# said, Mr Naicker.
The Foundation team shared how the seniors can access to disability ability devices like wheel chair, walking aids etc and get tips on managing disability challenges.
Mr Naicker said that the members of the association had vast knowledge and expertise having served as diplomats overseas, permanent secretaries, senior civil servants, executive positions in private sectors, high school principals and the likes. The members are willing to serve in NGOs and statuary bodies with the objective of helping the younger generation to achieve higher goals and contribute towards nation building. These pensioners are available throughout the country, which makes them easy to identify local needs.
The partnership with the Vodafone Foundation will provide us with a valuable forum to address needs of the society by sharing the vast magnitude of knowledge and experience we have,” said Mr Naicker
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