Caption: New-Barristers-and-Solicitors-were-sworn-in-by-the-Chief-Justice-Mr-Anthony-Gates-in-Suva.Photo:SUPPLIED.

Newly admitted barristers and solicitors were today urged to be true to their oath and conduct themselves as legal practitioners according to the best of their knowledge and ability.

Speaking to the 15 new legal practitioners at the swearing in ceremony held today at the High Court, Chief Justice Mr Justice Anthony Gates said the oath should remind them to work as noble officers of the court at all times.

“That oath should remind you of your duties to act at all times as a practitioner professionally devoted to your clients and t act as a responsible, committed, honorable and noble officer of the court,” Justice Gates said.

“And further that you will at all times be courteous to court, counsel, litigants and witnesses whilst maintaining moral courage and demonstrating your true independence as a member of the Bar.”

The new lawyers admitted to the Bar are the Law graduates from the University of the South Pacific (USP).

Nacanieli Sikinairai Bulisea, 45, from Nakelo in Tailevu said today was a big day for him as years of hard work and struggle has paid off.

“I always wanted to become a lawyers when I was in the Police Force as I was going through the processes, going to court and this is where I was inspired to do further studies in Law. This is an honorable profession,” Mr Bulisea said.

“It took me three and a half years to complete my studies. I am grateful to my family for their support throughout my studies. Studying law is not easy but I am glad I have successfully completed my studies.”



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