Caption:Honorable Minister for Education Heritage Arts and National Archives Dr Mahendra Reddy at St Augustine Primary School in Labasa .Photo:SUPPLIED.

Students of Saint Augustine primary school in Labasa received a timely boost to their education year in the form of the new library. The new library – worth $13,000 was opened by Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts Hon. Dr Mahendra Reddy today and is expected to improve the school’s literacy level. Minister Reddy commended the school management team for their tremendous efforts in creating a knowledge based society.

“Growth in the society depends on the knowledge in the society and we all have an important task and responsibility with numerous challenges and obstacles,” he said.

“I thank the community and management for ensuring the school has a good functioning library.”

The Minister said societies now do not want their children to undergo and face the obstacles they did during their time, hence most communities are working together to build better schools with proper facilities. “This school was established in 1937 and if the school was not present, parents would face difficulties in sending their children to school.”

He said this is why the FijiFirst Government decided to move these obstacles to help parents make their dreams for their children come true.

“The opening of this new school library shows that there is a stock of knowledge in it and a library is a custodian of history, linking the past to the future and a research institute.”

He said a society would be dull without a library.

The School’s head teacher Setafano Curuki acknowledged the continuous support of the government in every child’s education.

“Eighty per cent of the school’s community is made up sugarcane farmers from around Wailevu and Waiqele and I thank the present government for their support and initiative in ensuring that every child is educated and gains knowledge,” Mr Curuki said.




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