New Zealand has a role to play in the region – Exercise Veiliutaki


Another Chapter in the fine history of our two military and our two nations has been created

The Officer Cadet School of New Zealand arriving into Fiji this July, conducted the “Exercise Veiliutaki“. The cadets tested their skills in command, leadership and battle craft. The battle craft exercise conducted in Nausori highlands. The close-country training consisted of Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF), 90 New Zealand Army soldiers, 72 RFMF personnel and four international students from Tonga and Fiji combined into multi-national platoons

On Wednesday 27th July the two forces contested in unique sporting activities at the sports day held at CAAF grounds in Nadi. 

Major General John Boswell (DSD) left with Commander Land Force (CLF), Colonel Onisivoro Covunisaqa on right

The New Zealand Chief of Army, Major General John Boswell said that this renewed our great partnership that goes on for many years; and is one that is welcomed and is of great benefits because of the great support being provided by the RFMF especially the Delta Company.

Major General Boswell said that he is humbled to be standing with the commander of the land forces of Fiji for the support given which has enhanced our capabilities on peace and security with our region over such a long period of time. The Veiliutaki exercise has enabled the OCS with the environment, Customs and the Cultures of Fiji. Boswell also thanked the RFMF for the role RFMF played in supporting the Officer Cadet School. 

The commander of land forces said that he is happy to support our New Zealand Friends and that this is not the first time the RFMF and the New Zealand defense force has partnered up as they have previously worked together regionally. The lands commander also said that they are glad to help develop cadets from New Zealand are happy to share experiences whenever the OCS is coming to Fiji.

OCS Cadets on sportsday

Later in the afternoon at the delta Company at the social function witnessed the national anthem of the two countries and the ever intriguing Haka performed by the New Zealand cadets alongside with the RFMF singing on a Meke dance.

As the function came to an end Major General Boswell thanked the assortment of VIPs for attending the event and once again mentioned that the partnership begun in the battle field France over 100 years ago including Malaya, East Timor and numerous other peace keeping around the world. Another Chapter in the fine history of our two military and our two nations has been created and the Exercise Veiliutaki provided opportunity to develop both personally and professionally to their cadets and that “New Zealand has a role to play in the region” said Major General Boswell.


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