New Zealand wins again

Caption: Action between All Whites and Vanuatu at Lautoka’s Churchill Park today. Photo: MARGARET NAQIRI. (More photos on


The New Zealand U 20 side recorded their second win in the tournament by defeating the Vanuatu side 1-0 at Lautoka’s Churchill Park this afternoon.

New Zealand started on a high after thumping PNG by 5 goals in their first encounter on Friday.

In today’s match All Whites Van Elia scored from a set play making it the lone goal of the game.

Vanuatu came out firing in the second half but could not capitalize on the chances. Vanuatu captain Jean Kaltack had the best chance to score when he missed a one on one situation.

The New Zealand coach was all praises for the youngsters.

“The boys held on to the lead and showed the physical ability to play against the pacific island teams,” said Chris Milicich, coach of New Zealand U -20 coach.

After suffering straight two losses Vanuatu is out of competition to qualify for U-20 world cup competition.

“We missed on scoring chances and lost the games which we could have won,” said Vanuatu coach Poida .

In the next match host Kappa Fiji takes on New Caledonia.

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