NFA advises people to take extra care

National Fire Authority (NFA) attended to a house fire incident this morning at Sanasana Settlement in Nasoso, Nadi.

While the fire started at about 8.15am, the NFA Nadi Fire Station received a fire emergency call of a house fire incident at the Sanasana Settlement in Nasoso, Nadi at 9.00am and the fire crew immediately responded. The Nadi Fire Station received the fire call from the Nadi Police Station.

Upon arrival at 0908hrs, the fire crew saw the house fully engulfed in flames. Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire and stopped it from spreading to the neighbouring houses in this settlement.

The fire destroyed five bedroom partly concrete, corrugated iron and timber structured house. At the time of the fire incident, two adult family members were in the house and they were able to escape safely out of the burning house.

Firefighting was also a challenge because the area did not have any fire hydrants and the bad road condition. Fire trucks had to refill from the Nasoso Main Road hydrant.

NFA preliminary investigation reveal that the fire started at about 8.15am and that the neighbours were trying to call the Fire Station through the 911 and 917 Emergency numbers but the calls were not going through. NFA is again urging members of the community that if they cannot get through to NFA via the 911 Emergency number that they can contact the Fire Authority or the Fire Stations directly through the Station landline numbers as listed in the telephone book.

“It is very important for people to call us quickly during a fire as this will enable NFA to arrive at the fire scene quickly and put out the fire before it can get out of control and destroy the property and the neighbouring properties.

“People should also be aware of the emergency numbers to call when there is a fire,” Mr O’Connor said.

Mr O’Connor said that recently NFA has also launched another emergency number for people to call during fire and emergency rescue situations. NFA stations can also be contacted on 910. Members of the community are urged to contact 911 in case of a fire but if they cannot get through the first time, they are urged to call the NFA Emergency Number which is 910.

We are advising members of the community to store the number of their nearest fire station in their mobile phones for ease of contacting the fire stations in case of fire.

The NFA CEO is urging members of the community to take fire safety seriously.

“We must all take fire safety seriously since it is one of the most dangerous disasters,” Mr O’Connor said.  All our efforts in our homes and workplaces must be focussed on the prevention of a fire occurring.

“NFA needs the support from the members of the community and we are urging members of the Community to be more vigilant and regularly check their homes on a daily basis and get rid of all things that can start unplanned fires in homes,” Mr O’Connor said.

NFA is currently conducting its investigation into the cause of this fire.


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