NFA prevented major fire in Nadi

National Fire Authority (NFA) firefighters averted a major disaster from happening at the Motibhai Head Quarter’s in Nadi on Monday, 12th August 2013.

At 1912hrs, NFA Nadi received a fire emergency call and immediately responded to the Motibhai Head Quarter’s. Upon arrival at 1918hrs, the fire team saw smoke coming out of the top floor of the Motibhai Head Quarter’s building.

Upon entering the top floor, the fire team saw the Aircon Unit in the Information Technology Office of the Motibhai building on fire.

Firefighters used deliveries of water from its tank supply to put out the fire in the ITC Aircon Unit and stopped the fire from spreading to other parts of the Motibhai Head Quarter’s building.

Meanwhile NFA Chief Executive Officer, John O’Connor, commended the early alert raised by the Security Officer at the Motibhai Head Quarter’s, who happened to be scouting the area when he spotted the fire.

“This early alert enabled the firefighters to respond quickly to the fire scene and minimized the impact of the fire to this property, preventing a potential disaster if the fire had spread to other offices in the building.

“Early detection is very important in fire fighting and therefore it is important that building and business owners review their fire risk reduction strategies and ensure that their buildings and business have some form of early detection devices which can raise a fire alarm as soon as a heat source is detected in their premises.  This will enable the early detection of any fire and quick response by the firefighters to reduce fire damage to the buildings”, the NFA CEO said.

The National Fire Authority also would like to thank the Airports Fire and Rescue Team for responding and being on standby to assist.


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