Night work begins on Votualevu roundabout


Fiji Roads Authority is advising all travellers passing through Votualevu Roundabout in Nadi of the commencement of intermittent night time working by the contractor. This will begin from Sunday 10th May 2015 and the hours of working during the night shift will be from 6.00pm in the evening through to 6.00am the following morning. Motorists and pedestrians are requested to take heed of this public advisory and to accommodate more time for night travel over the next 6 to 8 weeks as changing lane restrictions and traffic controllers will be in place.

Over this period, the contractor will be intermittently operating on a 24hr basis, in two shift patterns; day and night, on the Votualevu Roundabout until lane restrictions are lifted. FRA and our project teams are aware of the heightened congestion issues currently being experienced along our most active construction sites as pedestrians, vehicular traffic, utilities relocation and road construction all compete for space within the road corridor.  The best remedy is for the project team is to open restricted sections as early as we can to reduce the overall disruption to the community wherever possible.

“Night time work is not suitable for all aspects of complex capital works projects. However where we can accommodate night work, in the interests of both the community and the project we will do so,” says Ms. Zaina Khan, FRA NASRUP Programme Manager. “We have arrived at a point in the Nadi project where we can allow for some night time working such as pavement surfacing works. However a great percentage of our work will still take place during the day.” says Ms Khan. “This is because we cannot compromise on safety and quality when complex utility relocations and construction are taking place. Also, night time working is risky in terms of safety and the shift work can be exhausting on our workforce.”

Motorists are warned to pay particular attention whilst travelling via the roundabout during the evenings and at night as the traffic management changes will be sometimes dramatic and dynamic. “You may come through the roundabout at say 7.00pm, one evening and it may be on traffic control with lane restriction and you may come back later at say 11.00pm and you may be directed to go around the roundabout in the opposite direction. Similarly on another evening there may be no change to the traffic management as night time work may not take place.”  Says Ms Khan.

Travellers to the area are asked to pay particular attention to the signs, the traffic controllers and traffic cones to guide them through what will intermittently be effectively a very active construction site during the night time over the next 6 to 8 weeks until the roundabout lane restrictions are lifted. At the same time traffic management will continue as normal during the day.

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