No doubt, Customer is the King!

Premila Kumar. File Photo.

As the uproar over the change in the Sky Pacific channel line-up intensifies, the Consumer Council of Fiji once again calls on Fiji Television Limited to speed up its re-negotiation process to bring back some of  the popular channels.

Fiji Television should not waste its time holding Talanoa sessions to justify its decision to change the channel line-up as this won’t calm the 20,000 plus subscribers’ agony.

If anything, such face-to-face dialogue should have been organised before making changes to the channel line-up. This would have avoided the ongoing massive consumer backlash which the whole nation is witnessing.

The Council, however, welcomes the position taken by Fijian Holdings Limited chief executive officer Nouzab Fareed in acknowledging that ‘customer is the king’ and his apologies to the  Sky Pacific subscribers for the change in the line-up (Fiji Times, 11 August 2014). FHL Media Limited owns 51.95 per cent shares in Fiji Television.

We appreciate Mr Fareed’s gesture as it comes as a ray of hope for the many disappointed Sky Pacific subscribers. These keen viewers are waiting to get back with their favourite channels which they once enjoyed.

It is now clear that Fiji Television’s decision to bring changes to the channel line was based on ‘a few complaints’ as stated by Mr Fareed, and not an “extensive review process taking onboard customer feedback”as claimed by Fiji Television chief executive officer.

The Council awaits on Fiji Television to successfully re-negotiate and restore some, if not all the nine Sky Pacific channels.


Ms. Premila Kumar


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