Norwegian Volunteer Adapts well to Fiji

Caption:  Ingfrid Torresdal(Pictured in green attire) with her work mates and children of Andrews Kindergarten in Nadi. Photo: SUPPLIED

By Tagimeucia Koroivuki

Ingfrid Toressdal (19) is from Norway and has volunteered as a teacher with Projects Abroad Fiji under the Care project at Andrews Kindergarten in Nakurakura, Nadi.

Helping others has always been a part of Ingfrid’s family background.

“I came to volunteer because I wanted a change of place and I wanted to do some travelling but meaningful travelling,” she shared.

“I’ve been brought up by parents who always taught me to help others so it came pretty naturally to choose volunteering,” she added.

At the Andrews Kindergarten Ingrid’s daily tasks include teaching the alphabets, different seasons, games, arts & craft, playing and assisting teachers to have a more controlled environment.

During her volunteer work Ms.Toressdal imparted vital knowledge to the students in terms of sharing the uniqueness of Norwegian culture, arts and craft, music and dancing

Ingfrid may seem more of a local Fijian now, but at first it was hard for her to adapt.

“It was very hard for me to adapt as I was very homesick and because I have sensitive skin, my skin reacted badly to the mosquito bites, but I soon got over it and I love the Fiji culture, the people are so friendly and the scenery is just beautiful,” she added.

If there’s one thing Ingfrid has learnt it is “definitely more patience especially with handling children and adapting to different cultures and ways,” she shared.

As for the future, Ingfrid has her mind set for teaching.

“After volunteering I’m going back to my job, working with special needs and I do one-on-one training in a special school in Norway,” she shared.

“My volunteer work experience is very useful for my future, I’m pretty sure I’m going to become a teacher,” she added.

Ingfrid explains why she loves Fiji as a volunteer destination.

“I like how Fiji is more relaxed, people are so friendly, the food is awesome Lovo and roti are my favourites and I believe it’s the most untouched beautiful place on earth,” she opined.

Her advice to potential volunteers for Fiji is to try to have patience not just with time difference but with trying to adapt as much as possible.

“Don’t be weird out by how friendly the people are when they approach you, it’s their nature so enjoy it.  The experience is going to change you and make you grow so I would say go for it and don’t look back,” she concluded.



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