Newly promoted Superintendent of Police Vilisi Misiamete with Director Internal Affairs  Luke Navela who was promoted to Senior Superintend with Acting Inspector Julian Lawakeli.

In a bid to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Fiji Police Force a number of promotions and appointments were made by the Commissioner of Police on Wednesday.

The head of the organisation announced nine promotions as well as five appointments as he aims to have a strong management team to move the organisation forward.

Major General Ben Groenewald however made his stance clear of what he is expecting from his senior officers.

“While I congratulate you on your new appointments and promotions, I want to make it clear that you must continue to show the desired results”.

The officers will be on a 6 month probationary period in which their performance, demeanor, appearance, character, conduct, leadership and management will be assessed.

“Be the leaders that you are and lead your officers so that we can be more efficient and effective in our service delivery”.


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