“Operation sasamaki” now in fourth succesful phase


Operation Sasamaki Phase 4 commenced this morning in the province of Bua in the Northern Division whereby four people are now in police custody.

Two are suspected to be involved in the cultivation of marijuana while another two were found with dried leaves and seeds believed to be marijuana.

The raids were conducted this morning at Vuniyasa and Raviravi Settlement where parcels of dried leaves and seeds believed be marijuana were found in the possession of a 39 and 25 year old farmer.

While another team conducted a raid in the Wainunu District where by a 30 year old farmer was arrested after 37 plants believed to be marijuana ranging from 1-2m was uprooted from his farm.

The fourth suspect a 39 year old also of Wainunu District was arrested following a raid on his farm whereby 24 plants and containers of seeds believed to be marijuana were found in his possession.

All four suspects are in police custody as investigations continue.


Acting Chief Operations Officer

ACP Biu Matavou

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