April 16, 2015.Phase IV of Operation Sasamaki began yesterday in the Western Division whereby close to 200 plants believed to be marijuana was uprooted.

The plants believed to be marijuana ranging from 3cm to 2m was uprooted by a team of 40 officers who trekked to the interior of the Navosa highlands at about 0300hrs in the morning.

Investigations continue to determine the owner of the farm and tests are being conducted by the Fiji Police’s Analyst.

Meanwhile two men aged 32 and 40 years were arrested by the Operation team after 6 parcels of dried leaves believed to be marijuana was found in their possession. The vehicle they were travelling in was searched by the team where the parcels containing dried leaves believed to be marijuana was found. They are currently in police custody.DSC_0272[1]

Chief Operations Officer ACP Rusiate Tudravu said assistance from members of the community has been forthcoming which has led to the raids, adding it is a sign that people are taking ownership of the need to eradicate the use and cultivation of drugs from within their communities.

He said officers will travel to even the most remote locations to locate farms in a bid to stop the cultivation of marijuana.

“We are serious about the war on drugs and are truly grateful to those who have been coming forward with information about such illegal activities”.

“This shows people are willing to stand up and put a stop to criminal activities as it will affect their families and communities and we appreciate the assistance”.

Phase IV of Operation Sasamaki will continue in the Western Division throughout the week.


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