Caption: Housekeeping staff with children from Vatukarasa Kindergarten.


Outrigger on the Lagoon · Fiji housekeeping department have refurbished the Vatukarasa kindergarten as its monthly community project. The maintenance work included carpeting the main classroom and washroom, replacing the damaged door and windows, painting the exterior walls, fascia boards and ablution blocks, general cleaning of classrooms, replacing curtains and donating a roll away bed with sheets and pillows for the sick bay.

Housekeeping manager Tepola Natadra said the project was significant because it coincided with national pre-school week.

“We carried out a similar project 3 years ago and this project is the upkeep or maintenance of that project. We feel that it is important to keep tabs on projects that we institute to ensure that it maintains the standard that we built at the onset”, Mrs. Natadra reiterated.

“The appreciation and smiles from the kindergarten children and the community is priceless and it makes our efforts all the worthwhile”, Mrs. Natadra continued.

Around 10 housekeeping staff and a carpenter from the engineering department spent two days carrying out the refurbishments.

The villagers of Vatukarasa thanked the resort and the housekeeping department for their timely efforts as they were in the process of seeking funds to carry out a facelift at the school.

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