Pacific Green Factory furnishing room destroyed by fire


An electrical fault is believed to have started a fire that completely destroyed the Pacific Green Factory furnishing room yesterday.

Police Spokesperson Ana Naisoro said that according to initial reports, a 30 year old polisher was inside the factory spraying the furniture in the furnishing room when the flood light bulb allegedly blew and fell on the floor which caused an explosion with the chemicals lanner and thinner.

The employee managed to escape with nil injury. Estimated cost of damage is pegged at $40,000.00.

Investigations continue.

In a separate fire incident also recorded yesterday a corrugated iron and timber house consisting of one bedroom and sitting room was completely destroyed in a fire.

The incident occurred in Navuso village.

The house was vacant at the time and the cause of fire is yet to be established.

Cost of damage estimated to be $13,710.00.

Investigations continue.

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